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Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in BlogginGod | 1 comment

Servants of Servants: Being Present

Servants of Servants: Being Present

The power of simply being there.

By Holy Inspiration

o how do we care for these critical elements of our service? How do we serve those we serve with?


1) Be present


Attendance is one piece of this. Being at meetings lets servants know you care for them as much as you do those you serve. Why?


The effort of showing up is so important. 90% of life is just showing up. Being where you need to be. It is commitment. He is a God of kept promises, a committed God. We should keep our promises and be where we say we will be.


But when we are present, can our presence be felt?


Being engaged and connected to the service is as much about being in the class as it is letting the class and its servant know you are connected through your actions.


The word of God is not for the kids alone, but for all who wish to hear it. Some days we think we can’t learn anything in the class we serve. But I promise. There is always a pearl. A virtue. Hidden in every message.


When you are engaged in the talk, so will the kids be. The respect and focus you give a servant will radiate off of you. Others will see what you see and do what you do. We cannot challenge others to be present if we are not present ourselves.


Be present in the present, so you can share the gift of your presence.


Mark 6:7

Acts 3:1

Acts 13:2


Can you imagine if the disciples did not support each other when beginning in their ministry? They went out two by two


They face pitfalls. Threats to their lives. To do this alone would have been a daunting task.


Yet despite each being empowered by the Holy Spirit we see that they went two by two, and had the support of one another. Imagine if while one spoke, the other took naps? Or texted? Or teased the kids about how funny the other looked?


Message lost. Mission over.


There is no greater time than now to share your gift. God made us all different. Our insights into His word different.


But all of them when combined help feed us the body of Christ which we strive to be a part of. So be present, and let others be served by sharing your light.

1 Comment

  1. “Being there” is very important indeed. This blog seems addressed to “servants” but I believe it speaks to everyone in the church.

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